El Dorado Prays Together

What difference could the power of 40 day of coordinated, concentrated prayer to God by hundreds of people in El Dorado and Union County make? You’re invited to be a part of this powerful movement beginning October 1, 2017.   “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.Continue reading “El Dorado Prays Together”

Why 40 Days?

Throughout the Bible the number 40 seems to have a special spiritual significance. When the flood came in Noah’s day, it rained 40 days and nights.  Israel wandered in the desert and ate heaven-sent manna for 40 years. Moses fasted and prayed in Jehovah’s presence for 40 days and nights. Israel’s spies explored the PromisedContinue reading “Why 40 Days?”

Why Pray?

“Imagine yourself in a dark room. Windows closed. Curtains drawn. Shutters shut. In the darkness it’s hard to believe there’s daylight beyond the drapes. So you grope and try to feel your way across the floor. You take a step, disoriented and unsure where you’re headed. Progress is slow and the journey painful. Stubbed toes,Continue reading “Why Pray?”