DAY 18


Wednesday, October 18

SCRIPTURE: “Therefore I urge you, imitate me.” – I Corinthians 4:16

OBSERVATION: Paul was urging the church to imitate him as he was their spiritual father. To be a Christian is to strive to be Christlike. Are we living a Christlike life worthy to be an example to others, or are we sending mixed signals and pushing others further away from God with our actions? Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is hosting Fields of Faith tonight at 7 PM at Memorial Stadium. FCA is encouraging students to be the examples that others can follow on their campuses. These students need our prayers, support, and adult examples as they grow in Christ. Please come tonight to hear how God is working on our campuses!

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I pray for the courage, wisdom, and strength to live my life each day in a way that I can tell others to imitate me. Let all aspects of my life truly reflect You. Let each breath bring honor and glory to You. I pray for our students, faculties, and campuses today. I pray for a movement towards You on campuses in our area and across the country. Give the student leaders strength that can only come from You as they face daily challenges. We ask your blessings on Fields of Faith and that many will hear Your Word and come to know You! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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