DAY 30: Homeless in our Community 

DAY 30: Homeless in our Community 

READ: Mark 5:1-20 (Jesus Heals the Demoniac) 



#1 God’s Word is POWERFUL Supernatural events won’t change your life, but God’s Word will.  Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by God’s word of Christ.  This event will give you…

#2 CONFIDENCE God is all-powerful.  Every problem and trial is under His control, and will end, stop the moment Christ chooses.  Plus, everything you need will happen the moment Christ wills.  You, as God’s child, are right where He wants you.  Plus, this will give you… 

#3 HOPE There is no evil God cannot overcome-evil around you or in in you.  There is no pattern of sinfulness that can’t be washed away.  Plus, Christ can transform the most rotten person you know- there’s hope!#4 PEACE In Christ, there is nothing to be afraid of.  This is one of the scariest events in the Bible- a blood curdling moment.  Yet Jesus was unmoved, not afraid, in control and super compassionate to the real needs of others, even those who reject Him.  And that same Spirit of peace lives in you!#5 MISSION Not only can a filthy sinner like this man be washed, made whole and redeemed, but he was also commissioned to represent that same wonderful Christ who showed you mercy and to share the good news of that mercy to others enslaved by sin.


PRAY: Glorious God, help us not to be hypocrites of lip service but the disciples of action.  Keep our hearts soft enough to keep hearing the cry of the homeless.  Remind us, O God that we cannot fully rest secure in our homes every night until all your people are, at last, home.  In Jesus’ name, Amen


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