DAY 35:  For the Spiritual Leaders in our Community 

DAY 35:  For the Spiritual Leaders in our Community 

“Oh Lord, Your Word declares that You are our Good Shepherd. Just as shepherds provides guidance for their sheep, we pray that You, Lord, provide guidance for every leader. I pray that You help them to be more like You. Help them know the condition of their flock. I pray that every leader gives careful attention those they lead, and that the relationship between those they lead will flourish. This is the prayer of our heart. Amen.” – Proverb 27:23


CONSIDER: Ministers, lay leaders, worship leaders, teachers, youth ministry, and volunteers. Our leaders in our churches need encouragement to hold steady in their call and find God’s peace and rest to keep their spirit refueled for the work ahead. 


PRAY: Lord, we pray for a refueled spirit in our spiritual leaders today. We pray they are each overwhelmed with the spirit as they remember the reason they started this work.  We pray for those leaders that are struggling with serving hurting and broken people. We ask that their souls not grow weary. We pray for their families, that they may see them and encourage them when needed.   Lord, we pray for the truth they speak. We pray it is received clearly and those words move people to action and toward love.  Lord, we pray for the grace you so freely give and the mercy we so eagerly receive. Today we pray that the floodgates are thrown open on our church leaders as they accept that grace and mercy. Most of all, we pray for rest and mediation for each of our leaders. We pray that the burdens of their ministry fall away and they find peace with you. 




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