DAY 22

Sunday, October 22

SCRIPTURE: “That thy way may be known upon Earth, thy saving health among all Nations.” -Psalm 67:2

OBSERVATION: All of the disasters happening and all the famine on earth, our prayers should not be for ourselves and people we know and people we don’t know. We need to do more than that for our heavenly father to see that we are trying to better this planet, that he has entrusted us with. Our prayers should very well be for ourselves and family. However let us not leave out our neighbors, in the United States and other countries. So our prayer would be for the world as a whole.

PRAYER: Father God, thank you for this beautiful world and all its inhabitants we bring to you this day a request for health, happiness, and mercy upon all of us on earth. We ask for comfort for all nations in distress your awesome loving kindness in all of the earth. Lord thank you for hearing our prayers all the glory belong to you. We pray these things in Jesus name amen.

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