DAY 19: Nonprofit Agencies in our Community

DAY 19: Nonprofit Agencies in our Community

Work willingly in whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. – Colossians 3:23

The work that our local Non-Profit do is HARD. The balance of serving those most in need and continuing to raise funds for the work, can often be draining and traumatic. Many of our local community are unaware of the work they do and how important it is.

LORD, we pray for the organizations that are on the front line serving the least of these. These Non-Profits that work tirelessly to feed, clothe, support, and minister to those that need it the most. LORD, we pray our community sees the work that is being done and stands up to help. We pray for the leaders of these organizations. We pray for their individual strength and discernment. We pray they don’t grow weary in their work. We pray for the staff and volunteers. They are the ones that are seeing the trauma and pain in our community. LORD, give them peace. We pray for the unity of all the different organizations. Together, they can do a multitude of healing. LORD, we pray that you continue to be glorified in their work. Thank you for giving them a servant heart. We pray our community can continue to lift them up, they are so important, and we are thankful for them.




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